Kingsway By The River Location


With its winding tree-lined streets, pristinely manicured parks and stately residences, the area was originally developed as a well-appointed family neighbourhood in the early 1900s by renowned developer and civic planner Robert Home Smith. Inspired by his passion for the Garden City urban design movement, The Kingsway has continued to evolve and grow as a residential hub, while still retaining Mr. Smith’s vision of merging the very best of modernity and nature in one extraordinary mixed-use community.

Kingsway By The River is rooted in this principle; a unique modern location surrounded by one of Toronto’s most pristine natural playgrounds. With stunning riverfront views and expansive parkland, there are plenty of options for outdoor play and relaxation. Nearby are some of the city’s finest golf courses. High Park and Lake Ontario are minutes away. Walk up to bustling Bloor Street or Islington Village for lively retail and pedestrian experiences.


  1. Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School
  2. Kingsway College School
  3. Warren Park Jr Public School
  4. Kingsway college InstitutE
  5. Humbercrest Public School
  6. Runnymede Collegiate Institute
  7. Hillside Montessori School
  8. Humber Valley Village Jr Middle School
  9. James Culnan Separate School
  10. St. Pius X Separate School
  11. Runnymede Jr & Sr Public School
  12. Western Technical-Commercial School
  13. St Cecilia Catholic Elementary School
  14. Annette Street Jr & Sr Public School
  15. Humberside Collegiate Institute
  16. Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

  • Lambton Golf And Country Club
  • Islington Golf Club
  • Scarlett Woods Golf Course
  • St George Golf And Country Club

  1. Ma maison
  2. Starbucks
  3. Cafe Demetre
  4. merlot
  5. la veranda
  6. green mango
  7. ottimo
  8. trattoria leonardo
  9. vibe

  1. bloor west retail
  2. kingsway village
  3. Humbertown village
  4. Kingsway mills plaza
  5. Thorncrest Shopping Plaza
  6. Loblaws

  1. James Garden
  2. Lambton Woods Park
  3. Humber Marsh Park
  4. High Park
  5. Home Smith Park
  6. Etienne Brule Park
  7. Thomas Riley Memorial Park

Kingsway By The River Location


If it’s true that Toronto is a city of unforgettable neighbourhoods, The Kingsway is one of its most refined. Minutes from the Royal York Subway Station, the area is host to specialty retailers, grocers, butchers, cheese and health food stores and a variety of eateries. Whether enjoying the Taste of The Kingsway Festival or other local events and celebrations, the neighbourhood is always full of life.

Kingsway By The River

Modern Living in the Kingsway
Kingsway by the River